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Dosing Pumps

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Solenoid Dosing Pumps

The MicroLinx series of chemical metering pumps provide a reliable, affordable product addition for a wide variety of applications. Precise metering is achieved with guided double ball checks, including foot and injection assemblies. Separate priming/degassing valve.

Outputs up to 7 L/h and 20 bar, 0-200 strokes per minute and many control options and unique features are available to meet your chemical metering needs.

MicroLinx Chemical Injection PumpBrochure

MicroLinx Brochure

Advantage Controls, MicroLinx L dosing pump

MicroLinx Series L

  • LCD display, WiFi control

  • External control (analog, puls, timer)

  • Max. Feed: 7 L/h

  • Max. Pressure: 20,6 bar

Advantage Controls, MicroLinx M dosing pump

MicroLinx Series M

  • Manual adjustment w/ LED indicators

  • On/Off through power On/Off

  • Max. Feed: 7 L/h

  • Max. Pressure: 20,6 bar

Stepper Motor Dosing Pumps

The SmartLinx Series S dosing pump is an Electronic Stepper Motor Metering Pump. Extremely accurate dosing with a high turndown ratio. All external control possibilities available.

Stepper motor dosing pump

SmartLinx Series S

  • LCD display

  • External control (analog, puls, Remote ON/OFF, Level sensor, Modbus)

  • Flow range: 0,5 mL/h - 60 L/h

  • Turndown ratio: 1:3000

FG Pumps

Motor Driven Diaphragm Dosing Pump

FGM Series is a mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump built following high quality standard.
Safe, no external moving parts and leak free operations.
Three size of diaphragms, three standard pump head materials, to cover.
From 0 to 2000 l/h, up to 16 bar pressure

FG Pumps motor driven dosing pump doseerpomp

FGM Series

  • On/Off through power On/Off

  • Manual stroke length adjustment

  • Flow rate till 2000 L/h

  • Up to 16 Bar

Peristaltic Metering Pump

Blue-White pumps
Peristaltic dosing pump


  • Precision fluid metering and accurate dispensing with a wide range of control capabilities

  • Flow rate from 0,0004 L/h till 2021 L/h

  • Pressures up to 8 Bar

  • Nearly pulsation free dosing 

  • Ideal for difficult-to-pump fluids such as gaseous chemicals, shear-sensitive fluids, viscous slurries and solids, and fluids with low moisture levels.

  • Built-in Tube Failure Detection System (TFD)

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