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Controllers & Sensors

Get the Advantage of the widest offering of water treatment controllers & sensors. Whether you need a multi-system control with Internet communications or a simple bleed and feed analog unit.

Advantage Europe has a unit to control Conductivity, pH, ORP, PTSA, Turbidity, Disinfection, Temperature, Flow, Feed Timers plus many options and features to meet your unique requirements.

Customize a controller style that meets your specific industrial water treatment application from our MegaTron MT, MegaTron XS, LIFTX or NanoTron lines.

Water treatment controllers, cooling water, boiler water

Controller line-up

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Advantage Controls MegaTron MT controller, water treatment controller

MegaTron MT

  • Multiple system capability

  • Datalogging, internet & Modbus

  • Up to 42 dig. inputs, 16 analog inputs, 16 sensor inputs

  • 20 Control relays

Advantage Controls LIFTX Lift Station Monitor controller

LIFTX Lift Station Monitor

  • Lift station conditions

  • Cellular communications

  • Email alarming & reporting

Advantage Controls MegaTron XS controller, water treatment controller

MegaTron XS

  • Single system capability

  • Datalogging, internet & Modbus

  • Up to 8 dig. inputs, 8 analog inputs, 4 sensor inputs  

  • 5 Control relays

ph sensor, ORP sensor, Conductivity sensor, LPR online corrosion sensors

Standard Sensors

  • Advantage Controls sensors

  • Conductivity

  • pH

  • ORP

  • LPR Corrosion & Pitting

Advantage Controls NanoTron controller, water treatment controller


  • Two mechanical relays

  • Force-On relay timer

  • Compact design & simple step menu

Turbidity sensor, PTSA sensor, BRIX, Refractometer, Chlorine sensor, Bromine sensor, Brush system

Speciality Sensors

  • PTSA

  • Turbidity

  • Disinfection

  • ...

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