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Advantage Controls system builder

System Builder

Build your prefab panel solutions online and ask immediately for a quotation!

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Prefab Solutions

Let us do your plumbing!

Thanks to our experience, we can provide prefab panels in which the sensors are built in under the best conditions.

You could select your connections, which side, pump racks, corrosion racks, injection points, ...

Standard and custom configurations are available with many options to give your installation a high quality professional appearance.

Next to the prefab panel solutions, we offer prefab systems that are made for specific applications.

The AFS flushing stations can improve water quality by flushing water lines periodically using a programmable timer with a wide range of automatic activation times. An overflow sensor will automatically stop flushing.

Datasheet AFS System

AFS Automatic Flushing System

FCD Flow Controlled Dosing 

The pulse water meter is connected directly to the pump.

The MicroLinx Series L pumps provide a reliable, affordable product addition for a wide variety of applications.

Examples of applications include:

  • Hydrogen peroxide dosing in water line

  • Adding medicines/vitamins in farms

  • Adding fertilizers in greenhouses

Datasheet FCD System

EVC Evaporator Condensor system, timed sampling blowdown

Timed Sampling Conductivity Control for Evaporative Condensers allow for a simple installation without a sample loop using timed sampling control.

Datasheet EVC System

EVC Evaporator Condensors System

CFS Chemical Filling Systems

Chemical filling system
  • Safe and easy filling of your fixed chemical tanks

  • Controlled Air Operated Double Diaphragm Filling pump

  • Overfilling protection

  • Jerrycan to store the suction lance when not in use

Datasheet CFS System

Prefab Panels

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