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MicroLinx Series L Dosing Pump

Metering Pump - Series L


Series L metering pumps provide reliable, flexible chemical addition for a wide variety of applications. Metering accuracy is achieved with microprocessor controlled menu adjustable speed and double ball guided checks. A rugged housing with control cover is suitable for outdoor installations. Available in outputs up to 7 L/h, 20 bar and control features include:

  • 4-20mA Input

  • Water Meter Timer

  • Recycle Timer

  • 28-Day Timer

  • Batch Timer

  • External Auto-Stop


  • Keypad Access

  • LCD Display

  • Wifi Accessible

  • Control Cover

  • LED Indicators

  • Control Options

  • NEMA 4X Style Enclosure

  • Guided Double Ball Checks

  • 4x6mm tubing connections

  • Circuit Voltage Protection

  • Thermal Overload Protection

  • Priming / Degassing Valve

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • Easy Step Menu


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Made in USA

Datasheet MicroLinx Series L

Instruction manual MicroLinx Series L

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