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Water Treatment Equipment & Expertise

for Cooling Towers, Boilers, Reverse Osmosis & Waste Water Systems.

Controllers, filtration, valves, probes, sensors, tanks, internet communications & control with the best customer service and support.

As the European branch of Advantage Controls, we are proud to offer our customers our top-quality equipment, knowledge, and service, ensuring exceptional support in the water treatment market throughout Europe


Advantage offers the widest range of controllers and accessories. Whether you choose the flexible microprocessor controls or basic analog units, you get the Advantage of equipment with the features and options you want.



Advantage Controls is the industry leader at combining the latest internet communications and electronic control into the most user friendly products for water treatment and control applications.


Expert Service

We believe the secret to success in the water treatment industry is service. When you choose us you benefit from the highest possible levels of service and support throughout the life of our products. This includes a full after sales service, product testing, commissioning and repair.


water treatment products

Discover our range of products

Megatron MT

Continuous monitoring and control of cooling towers, boilers and waste water systems.

Multiple System Capability

Internet Communications



We offer a line of accessories to complete any cooling water, boiler water or pre-treatment control.


Cooling Tower



Standard & custom configurations are available to give your installation a high quality professional appearance.

Prefabricated Systems

We do your plumbing



Controller communications

WebAdvantage3 is a free, cloud based, monitoring and reporting service to keep you in constant contact with all of your internet connected MegaTron controllers. With a convenient single login, you can access all your controllers from any web connected device. Make setting changes to address site conditions without spending valuable time driving to the site.

Alarm emails and historical reports can be customized with your company logo branding and automatically sent to everyone you want. Report templates can include all sensor history, chemical usage, relay, alarm activity and more to provide unique insights and regulatory compliance proof of a treatment system's performance...