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Flow Controlled Dosing

Dosing your chemicals, medicines or vitamins in a water pipe proportional to the flow rate.

Designed for agriculture or water treatment applications. The FCD Flow Controlled Dosing station provides an easy, economical, compact and plug & play solution.

The panel includes the pulse water meter, the Advantage Controls MicroLynx dosing pump with foot valve and tubing, an injection point with injection valve pre-plumbed and ball valves on the in -and outlet.

Easy set the pulses in the dosing pump. The pump will work proportionally on the flow rate, injecting the needed amount in the water line. Isolate the panel with the ball valves for easy maintenance or inspection.

A great plug & play system in the agricultural sector for adding supplements to the drinking water of animals, or disinfection (legionella) of piping systems in industry or potable water systems.

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