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LIFTX Monitor

LIFTX Lift Station Monitor


Remotely monitor mission-critical lift station parameters with web/cloud-based dashboards, alarms and reporting capabilities.


The LIFTX Lift Station Monitor saves time and fuel costs by providing real-time status and alarms for your remote lift stations.

Connect sensors such as: high/low level, pressure/flow, pump statistics, generator switch-over, power outage, and even site/building security and the integrated cellular connection and WebAdvantage digital platform provides alerts/alarms, dashboard statistics, custom reporting capabilities and access to settings.


Connect commercially available sensors to provide:

  • Wet well level measurements

  • Pressure/flow

  • Pump statistics (run-time, amp draw, etc)

  • Power outages/generator switchover

  • Gas detection (H2S, etc.)

  • Building or gate security

  • Other parameters or inputs using digital or 4-20mA inputs

  • Add control functions using 4-20mA or relay options

  • Base LIFTX units have 5 digital inputs, a built-in cell router and 12 months of data.

  • All units include 10 customizable notepad fields for manual reading test entry. These entries can generate alarms and are stored historically for graphing and reporting.

  • All units come standard with conduit connections for incoming power.

  • All required sensors must be sourced separately.


Datasheet LIFTX Lift Station Monitor

Instruction Manual LIFTX 

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  • Integral Cellular Connection

  • Alerts Operators with Customized Alarm Settings

  • Customizable Data Field Names

  • 5 or 10 Digital inputs

  • WebAdvantage Dashboard, Settings and Reporting Capabilities

  • Customizable Notepad Entries for Site Visits

  • Optional (4-8) 4-20mA Sensor Inputs

  • Optional (up to 4) 4-20mA Outputs

  • Optional Relay Control

  • Easy User Interface and Includes a Keypad & Display at the Site

Made in USA
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