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Is a Free Chlorine, pH and conductivity measurement something for you?

More and more Free Chlorine is measured in cooling water treatment.

Advantage Europe has a solid solution for measuring Free Chlorine in polluted water systems with a membrameless FCl + pH measurement and automatic brush

The brush flow cell requires a small flow rate of 1000 mL/min. Advantage Europe provides a panel solution with great controllability of the flow rate and a low flow detection switch. The MegaTron XS controller controls the power for the brush system and the sensor to ensure a correct operation and maximum lifetime of the sensor and brush. With a special logic, it prevents false readings and wrong dosing.

Advantage Europe has test panels with free chlorine, pH and conductivity monitoring and control available. If you are not sure if the FCl measurement is something for you, or if you want to upgrade from the vulnerable membrame style sensors, don't hesitate to contact the Advantage Europe team!

The test panels have a 4G router, so you can monitor everything online and are plug & play. Connect the power, connect the dosing pumps, connect the bypass and adjust the flow.

Prefab measurement and control of Free Chlorine, pH and Conductivity
Prefab Free Chlorine, pH, conductivity + brush measurement



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