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Cloud based monitoring and reporting

WebAdvantage3 is a free, cloud based, monitoring and reporting service to keep you in constant contact with all of your internet connected MegaTron controllers. With a convenient single login, you can access all your controllers from any web connected device. Make setting changes to address site conditions without spending valuable time driving to the site.

Alarm emails and historical reports can be customized with your company logo branding and automatically sent to everyone you want. Report templates can include all sensor history, chemical usage, relay, alarm activity and more to provide unique insights and regulatory compliance proof of a treatment system's performance.

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Key features

  • Change Settings Remotely
  • No Software to Load
  • Back-Up Server Assurance
  • Advanced Summary Page
  • Email Alarm Notification
  • Constant Connection
  • Report Templates
  • Enhanced Custom Reporting
  • Company Logo Branding
  • Easier Admin Control


The exclusive summary view lets you check the status of all your connected MegaTrons on one screen.

Email alerts from the server ensure that users are kept informed of any alarm conditions, including disconnection and power loss encountered by remote MegaTrons.

Custom reporting

  • Server Stored History
  • Company Wide Templates
  • User Built Templates
  • Auto Emailing of Reports
  • Embedded Company Logo
  • Viewing Level Permissions
  • Custom Channel Naming
  • Average or Usage Legends
  • Manual Emailing with Messaging

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