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Drum pump 
manual pumps

The manual hand pumps are always a useful and cost-effective alternative to conventional electric or air operated drum pumps when only small quantities of media have to be removed out of canisters or drums or if the customer would use the drum pump only occasionally or rarely.


Manual drum pump


Pump material: Polypropylene

Shaft: Polypropylene

Seals: depending on the media

Flow rate: ca. 0,3 l/stroke

Hose connection: 3/4”

The telescopic suction tube is adjustable from 500 to 950 mm and has a diameter of max.
34 mm.


Manual drum pump N-13

Material: pump housing made of cast iron

Seals: NBR

Flow rate: 0,25 l/rotation

Pump tube diameter: 53 mm

Suction tube length: 1000 mm;

Therefore, suitable for smaller containers and 200 litres drums

Pump complete with discharge arc and drum adapter G 2”.


Manual drum pump N-08

Pump material: PVDF

Seals: PTFE

Flow rate: 0.3 l/rotation

Suction tube length: 3 x 35 cm

Pump complete with discharge arc and drum adapter G 2”.

Regular PTFE lubrication required.

Manual ATEX drum pump


Execution for fire brigade with flexible suction hose instead of a rigid tube.

Suction hose DN19 x 4; 1,5 m

Discharge hose DN19 x 4; 1,5 m

Flow rate: app. 0,25 l/stroke

In pump housing integrated drum adapters with M 64x4 and G 2” enable an easy fixing in drum.

APPLICATION: Fire brigade hand pump ATEX compliant, single-acting hand pump that can be used for following media of hazard classes A I-III: Diesel, heating oil, fuel, petroleum, anti-freezing liquid for cooler (undilated), thin fluid mineral oils and rapeseed methyl ester.

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