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SmartLinx Series S
Stepper Motor Dosing Pump


The SmartLinx Series S dosing pump combines external controls with an accurate stepper motor design. This results in an industry grade pump, capable of pumping hazardous chemicals with excellent precision.


• Turndown Ratio: 1:3000
• Flow range: 0,5 ml/h till 60 l/h

• High suction performance up to 6 meters

• Voltage range 100-240V
• Slow mode operation for viscous media
• External controls: On/Off, Pulse, Dry Contact, Batch


Standard and slow suction mode operation

The SmartLinx allows different speeds of suction strokes, to cre

This results in a constant flow rate and, thereby, a gentle and low-pulsation dosing. When transporting viscous media,

a slow mode function (in contrast to standard operation) enables a reduction of the maximum suction speed.

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Turndown ratio:

Datasheet SmartLinx

Instruction manual SmartLinx

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