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pH, ORP, Corrosion, Conductivity sensors

Standard Sensors


These sensors are designed for the Advantage Controllers, which have standard connections for the sensors. The standard sensors are the most used types for the cooling, boiler or waste water treatment market: Conductivity, pH, ORP and even LPR Corrosion & Pitting.


There are different types of probes available, depending on your application.

For standard cooling applications, we recommend to use the quick release style probes. These come with a T-piece to be mounted inline in a bypass.

There are other types for submersible, high temperature, pure water or insertion applications.

The LPR Corrosion & Pitting sensor can only be used on the NanoTron and with the delivered T-piece. 


Datasheet pH/ORP Sensors

Datasheet LPR Corrosion & Pitting Sensors

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  • Sturdy and proven design

  • Comes with T-piece or adaptors for installation

  • Easy installation and setting in the Advantage Controls controllers

Datasheet Conductivity Sensors

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