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Free Chlorine and PTSA sensor

Speciality Sensors


Next to the standard sensors, we have the complete Pyxis sensor range in our product line-up.

Our controllers are designed for easy installation and set-up of 4-20mA analog sensors.

When the Automatic Brush system is used, we provide the complete set-up and power source integrated in our controllers.


The speciality sensors are applicable in many sectors.

Turbidity, Fluorescene, Dissolves Oxygen, and Oxidizer sensors are typically used in process cooling water and process treatment applications. Chlorine measurement with special flow cell for potable water systems. Refractometer sensor to check your coolant or sugar concentration (BRIX).


With our universal approach, we can give you a solution for many measurement applications.


Not sure it is possible? Just ask us!


Datasheet Oxidizer Sensors


  • Complete build-in solutions with our controllers and prefab panels

  • Logging and online possibilities with our WebAdvantage platform

Datasheet Fluorescene, PTSA, Dissolved Oxygen & Turbidity Sensors

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