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A major cost and time saving thanks to the switch to prefab panels from Advantage Europe

Our customer, a water treatment provider, recently gave us this great feedback.

Specialized in the water treatment of cooling towers, he already had several systems in use. Ranging from PLC systems to controller systems.

Because these always had to be fully programmed and installed on-site with piping, the installation costs were very high. Installation was also very time consuming.

After contacting and exchanging information with Advantage Europe, our customer received his quote the same day with a 3D drawing of the panel with controller.

This system was quite basic. Conductivity, pH, ORP and PTSA measurement with a bleed leg and 3 injection points for chemistry.

This panel is also perfectly expandable with a pump rack.

The customer was able to hang this panel, supply it with power and connect the water pipes and dosing pumps.

Adjusting the set points, setting the timers and assigning the dosing pumps was very simple.

He also opted for the Ethernet function, which allows him to view and adjust all parameters online.


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